Hi, I'm Molly!

I make each piece of jewellery to order in Sydney, crafting your earrings and necklaces from the highest quality 14k gold-filled and sterling silver metals, semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls.

I also source a special collection of vintage solid gold rings, perfect for question-popping, milestone marking or self-treating.

What is gold-filled jewellery?

Made with a much thicker layer of 14 karat gold over a metal core, gold-filled is a premium quality finish that resists tarnishing. Hypoallergenic, low maintenance and lightweight, gold-filled jewellery will make your ears (and your wallet) happy.

Photo: Joshua Heath

What's in a name?

Every piece of creative work is a composition of some kind: a careful arrangement of elements in space or in time. Be it a pair of earrings, a piece of music or a painting, we're all composers – adding and taking away, prototyping and tweaking, toward that final moment of balance and harmony.

Extremely late to the pierced-ears party herself, I established A Composition in 2019, as a means of exploring the brand new world of accessories that had just opened up to me.

Bringing together my dual background in design and business, I aim to weave beauty and order into every facet of the brand, designing and making each piece of jewellery in Sydney from the highest quality natural materials.